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The best kind of nog

You know what else you can do in Japan? Make real eggnog with raw eggs. So good.

You don’t poison yourself because eggs in Japan don’t have salmonella. Well, they’re not supposed to anyway. I’m willing to test it.

City View

Housekeepers kicked me out of the apartment, so I took a trip to Roppongi Hills. Blue skies, not too cold - seemed like a good day to go up on the roof of a skyscraper. It also turned out the art museum in the sky scraper was doing a Leandro Erlich exhibition that would have been worth the trip all by itself.

Latest thing

I’m getting back into teaching myself piano now that YouTube has made it much easier than trying to get it by reading expensive books. Current projects: You Don’t Know Me, Autumn Leaves (eventually Autumn Leaves), My Baby Just Cares For Me.

Got me one of these little guys so I can play with headphones. So much better. I always felt too self-conscious to practice real key-strikes (loud) on the real piano.

Naruto v. Slater

Wouldn’t PETA need power of attorney from Naruto? I don’t think you can sue for someone else.

Sub Skipper Fired

Welp, made it 3 whole days into 2016 before the first sub skipper got fired. Collision + grounding.

It happens, I guess. Most of the ships I served on had one or the other at some point.

Oh, plus we broke this thing several times before it was finally destroyed in a fire.

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